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Warm Blood Volume One


The popular high-school mystery webcomic comes to print for the first time! Join Penny, a quiet girl who dreams of becoming a video game developer, as she navigates her first year at Greenwood High. There she must contend with a string of bizarre murders, potentially evil twins, rumors of shadow monsters, and a strange presence lurking just outside her window. Helping Penny through it all are her friends, including her anime loving best buds from elementary school, a 4th wall smashing girl she meets on her first day, and a sweet awkward girl eager to be her BFF, and who happens to be very handy with a baseball bat.

Trade Paperback
128 pages
For 12+

Cover by Afu Chan
Written by Josh Tierney
Interior artists:
Saskia Gutenkunst
Winston Young
Naomi Franquiz
Marina Julia
Atelier Sentô
Jane Bak
Vlad Gusev
remus maurice jackson
Leiana Nitura
Blakely Inberg
Eva Eskelinen
Cleonique Hilsaca
Thomas Rouzière
F. Choo
Sandrine Han Jin Kuang
Mathilde Kitteh
Shanen Pae
Stephen Rodgers
Teo DuVall
Cat Sukiman
Xulia Vicente
Nuno Plati
Crista Castro
Irma Kniivila
Stephanie Son
Cristina Rose Chua
María Ponce Esparcia
Kat Lyons
Gaby Epstein
Ken Nimura
Logo design by Giannis Milogiannis
Book design by Shanna Matuszak